Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sutlet Group moves to Lotus Notes 8.5

This week Sutlet Group moved it's entire office management and email system to IBM Lotus Notes 8.5, with the expert assistance of Evergreen Comware Co., Ltd.. The move was made to provide more accessibility to information, greater accountability amongst staff and, most importantly, allow us the opportunity to further enhance our relationships with customers.

All Sutlet Group team members, including those from FCA (Thailand) and PB Legal Services are now all able to access incredible funtionality with regards their email, tasks and calendars but also within new applications called ContactPower, SalesPower and PeoplePower (all developed by Evergreen Comware to work within Lotus Notes itself). Additionally, all staff are able to communicate 'live' via the internal "SameTime" chat software, facilitating the faster transition of information.

A major benefit to the move is that of security. The IBM Domino server is exceptionally secure, especially behind our CyberRoam firewall, and the Lotus Notes program itself is fair more secure than it's Microsoft-based equivalents.

All in all, management, employees and customers will benefit with this move - it's another step towards achieving our goals in Thailand and beyond.

Posted by Stuart Blott, General Manager, Sutlet Group

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