Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sutlet Group sponsor the Euro Chambers Board Directors Networking Reception

Sutlet Group were proud sponsors of last nights Euro Chambers event, attended by Board Directors from all the major European Chambers of Commerce in Thailand.

The event (held on Tuesday 29th June) at the Landmark Hotel on Sukhumvit was well attended, and provided excellent exposure for the Sutlet Group. Chairman of the Sutlet Group, Chris Thatcher, was present in both his capacity with Sutlet Group and in his role as a member of the British Chamber Board of Directors.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sutlet Group partner with Bangkok Bank

Sutlet Group and Bangkok Bank have launched a new initiative to serve individuals and businesses who are interested in starting a business in Thailand. The initiative will involve Sutlet Group posting a series of monthly articles on the Bangkok Bank website, provided a wide variety of advice, information, hints and tips about operating a business in Thailand.

The first article was published last week and was entitled "Starting a business in Thailand". It provided an outline of some of the key areas that must be considered when launching a business in Thailand, including company registration, work permit and visa requirements, shareholding structure, recruiting staff, managing an office and others.

Sutlet Group is proud to be a part of this partnership, and looks forward to a long and successful relationship with Bangkok Bank.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Press release: Sutlet Group have acquired the Thailand HR Suite

The Sutlet Group, Thailand's leading provider of business services and solutions, have announced that they have acquired the Thailand HR Suite.

Stuart Blott, General Manager, said "this acquisition signals our intent for 2010, and is just the first of several significant expansion plans. Human Resource solutions are a natural fit for our operation, and will be promoted heavily in the coming year".

The Thailand HR Suite offers it's clients a series of branded HR and operational templates that have been specifically created for SME's in Thailand, and are based on Thai Labour Law. All templates provide a legal framework and structural backbone for organisations, and are provided in English and Thai language. Templates include a Company Handbook, Employee Contract, IT Policies, and 18 other professional documents.

The Sutlet Group will now promote these HR templates under the Sutlet Group corporate framework.

For more information, contact the Sutlet Group.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sutlet Group launches new websites for members FCA Thailand and PB Legal Services

The Sutlet Group is pleased to announce the launch of two new websites for two of our original Members, FCA Thailand and PB Legal Services

Both sites have been designed consistency as Members of the Sutlet Group, and navigation has been planned to provide the easiest possible route through the site, and to allow users to find information quickly and easily.

Already, enquiries have been generated through these websites and we have received excellent feedback on their look and feel. In the coming weeks, additional edits and changes will be made, so keep a close eye.

Next up will be the main Sutlet Group website - coming soon!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sutlet Group and the Chambers of Commerce

The Sutlet Group has long been a supporter of the Chambers of Commerce in Thailand. It is our belief that they serve a vital role in the local business community, and provide a professional and responsible approach to coordinating and assisting foreign-businesses in Thailand.

We back up this statement by being active members of no less than four of the main Chambers of Commerce, including:
  • The British Chamber of Commerce Thailand (BCCT)
  • The Australian Chamber of Commerce Thailand
  • The American Chamber of Commerce Thailand
  • The Thai-New Zealand Chamber of Commerce 
All of the Chambers above provide excellent opportunities for business and networking, and have all been exceptional communication channels for the Sutlet Group. 

Additional Chamber activities

Our longest Chamber relationship is with the British Chamber of Commerce Thailand, with our membership stretching back many years. Our strong support of the BCCT is demonstrated as follows:

1. Importantly, the Sutlet Group is one of just 5 Annual Corporate Sponsors of the BCCT, alongside the likes of KPMG, Standard Chartered and HSBC.

2. Our Chairman, Chris Thatcher, has been elected to the BCCT Board of Directors.

3. Mr. Thatcher also Chairs the BCCT SME Committee, providing support and ideas for small businesses operating in Thailand. This has included giving presentations at organised events.

4. In addition to this, Mr. Thatcher also participates on a half dozen more British Chamber Committees, lending his insight and experience.

5. Later in 2010, the Sutlet Group will be sponsoring a monthly networking evening for the BCCT, providing prizes, information packs and more.

The Sutlet Group supports the CEOP

The British Chamber of Commerce Thailand (BCCT) recently signed an MoU with the UK's Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP) to promote the International Child Protection Network.

Sutlet Group were one of the first to sign up to this and attended the inaugural SE Asian conference.

Child protection is an issue for all of us and by joining this initiative Sutlet Group hope to contribute to raising awareness both with its own employees and customers and to a wider group through the charity work we undertake.

As many will already know, the internet presents new and dangerous opportunities for those wishing to abuse children to make contact with them. Knowing how to counter this is an important element of the work of CEOP.

Child abuse comes in may forms and again, awareness raising is important. Even more it is crucial to help people to understand what to do if they encounter any form of child abuse or exploitation.

Sutlet Group are proud to be able to play their part in this crucial work.

If you would like further information on the work of CEOP and how you can support it, please contact our Chairman, Chris Thatcher, by email (chris@sutletgroup.com) or through our office.

Welcome to the Sutlet Group Blog

The Sutlet Group is Thailand's leading provider of business solutions and services. Since 1998, the Group has been serving its clients here with professionalism and honesty, generating a reputation for finding solutions and really 'helping' our clients.

Consisting of various business divisions and group members, the Sutlet Group aims to provide it's customers with everything they need to do business in Thailand. Our services, over the years, have therefore expanded to include:

Accounting services - book-keeping, management accounting, auditing
Financial services - tax advice, planning, consulting
Legal services - company registration, work permit and visa management, Board of Investment promotion, business licenses, legal advice
HR - HR templates, payroll
Marketing - branding, websites, communications
Infrastructure - office space, IT
Moving services - relocation
Insurance - corporate and personal
Training - team training and team building
Consulting - for all industries

Our team of foreign-national and Thai-national senior managers are well supported by a knowledgeable, customer service driven team of coordinators and administrators, ensuring that we provide our customers with the best possible service on every occasion.

This blog will provide periodical updates on the Sutlet Group, including the launch of new products and services, websites, marketing initiatives, promotions, the hiring of new staff, various achievements, partnership news and anything else that we feel is worth sharing.

Feel free to comment on our blog at any time. For more information on the Sutlet Group, see our website